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This application requires Adobe® AIR™ to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.

Multtiple is the social network client for Twitter and Tumblr.

  • Watch your Twitter and Tubmlr on the same timeline

    Multtiple can show multiple account of Twitter and Tumblr on the same column. You can catch up the various information from you whole timeline.

  • Which do you like the tab or the column?

    "Column mode" that shows the multiple timelines on the screen, and "Tab mode" that shows the one timeline on the screen and be possible to switch by tab - You can swich the mode anytime for your style.

  • No matter how you use any OS!

    Multtiple works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Of caurce, it's free. ;)

Version up notice for Multtiple 1.0.2 or earlier version users